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Howdy, folks!

I finally fixed the kinks in my software renderer, but even so, the clipping algorithm isn’t perfect, and it’s still missing features like occlusion-culling, tangent-space normal mapping, and others. I’m going to just put that on the shelf for the time being until after ORConf, because there’s still enough functionality to create a fun, detailed presentation.

In other news, I’ve been working on a organic farm where I’m learning how to grow various types of crops. The reason I am doing this is to find alternative ways to acquire the materials needed to make Organic Field Effect Transistors. In other words, I’m trying to invent a more accessible model for the creation of computers made from plants! 🙂

Besides that, I’ll keep you all posted on any new developments, as I usually do. 😉

Also, Krita released a bugfix update recently! You can read about it here.



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