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My Two Cents… OS

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I know in an article I published a while back I made the argument that CentOS is really only good for running a server environment. As of yesterday, I no longer think that’s true.

After several hours of me hacking around with it, I managed to get the LMMS master source code to compile properly, and with all plug-ins working to boot! My pipeline of Blender, GIMP, Audacity, and LMMS is working just fine on CentOS 7, so, I would definitely recommend it to people who want a solid RHEL-based GNU/Linux desktop environment.

I know that I also recently posted that I was interested in utilizing Swift as a scripting environment. As of now, I’m not quite so sure…

I’m *actually* thinking about using Rust instead. I can then access my C++ code by creating a C bridge (as I would have with Swift) and calling functions through Rust’s Foreign Function Interface.

Part of my change of heart has to do with my trying to get LMMS running smoothly on Mac OS X, but being unable to due to massive changes Apple made to Cocoa with the El Capitan version of their BSD-derived operating system. Of course, there’s no way to access any of the operating system’s internals, leaving me unable to adequately troubleshoot the problem. I now have no choice but to wipe everything with a fresh Yosemite install. 😡

Due to that frustration, I’m feeling kind of anti-Apple at the moment, so that’s part of why my attention has turned to other modern languages besides Swift. Rust (created by Mozilla) is similar in appearance and expressiveness, and therefore a good candidate.

As always, hearing some thoughts and comments are welcome! Have any readers used Rust’s FFI? Let me know!

Cheers! 🙂


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