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A Good Ole’ Cup of Joe

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As I am always open-minded to learning different free technologies, I’m currently learning more about Java. While doing so, I’ve come across some free resources that I wanted to share:


Free Java eBooks

The first link contains a series of articles that go into great detail about the lower-level features of Java, explaining concepts like how bytecodes are created and interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). There are many others in the series that cover the fundamentals of the platform, and not just the language.

The second link contains free reference material to learn about the language itself. One of them includes a URL to Bruce Eckel’s Thinking in Java, which is a book that I currently own (though the 3rd edition is offered online for free). I also own his book on C++, which is equally a must have.

If you’re an aspiring Java developer, or just curious about the language, feel free to give those links a gander. I’m sure they won’t mind. 😉



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