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Update: 6-21-15

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Just wanted to post a quick update before the month ran out.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the 4.2 release of the Linux kernel lately. The reason being due to its improved AMD GPU support, which will now sit directly inside of the kernel. This will eliminate the need to download any additional proprietary drivers (which I had to do after installing Debian “Jessie” on my Kaveri laptop).

My plan is to wait until 4.2 is released, purchase an AMD Carrizo laptop, and then finally make the switch to Debian “Stretch” (the operating system’s new “testing” environment).

Intel’s Skylake CPUs aren’t that far away, either, and I’ve read that they should be reaching laptops around the end of Q3 this year. 2015 is turning into an interesting and exciting year for computers! 🙂



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