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A Note of Caution If You’re Just Starting to Use Windows 8+

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So, I just got a new Dell laptop in the mail (which contains the latest Intel Broadwell chipset, a 4K-resolution screen, and a dedicated AMD 4GB card), so I was eager to try it out.

What I wasn’t so eager to do, was create a “Microsoft Account” in order to get the darn thing to finish setting up. Just so you know, you DON’T have to do this.

If you click on the “Create new account” link, you’ll find a “Create a local account” option at the bottom of the following screen. Using that will give you the standard-issue path of just creating a new user for your computer, and prompt you to create a username and password.

I’m against any attempts by any company to get you to reveal personal information just to use your machine, so keep your eyes peeled for that “local account” option if you’re new to Windows 8. It took me a second to find it, but I’m glad I did!

Sneaky, Microsoft. >_> Grrrrr. 😡

I post this in the hope that future Windows users will be able to retain their privacy and autonomy (which you can also easily do if you switch to Linux… just sayin’). 🙂



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