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There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Nice

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So, there’s been some news recently about Linux and diversity. I don’t understand why this issue exists, and I fully support environments that encourage people from all backgrounds to learn about and write software.

As for Linus being a jerk, behavior like that is completely uncalled for. It’s almost psychotic how somebody can work in a profession that requires so much thought, yet demonstrate so little of it when they communicate with other people. I encourage anybody reading this to not identify with that kind of behavior, and to always make the effort to politely communicate your viewpoint. If you think that that makes you fake (which some people have written, but I won’t post that link because it makes me want to punch through a wall! 😡 ), then you’re mistaken. What’s wrong is not demonstrating any sensitivity toward your audience (which requires considering where they’re coming from (also known as “empathy”)), and not making the effort to be thoughtful with your words.

Perhaps, then, a better approach is to simply focus on the details themselves. Presenting your argument in a way that is objective, and lacking in personal volatility, doesn’t diminish its effectiveness, it will enhance it. Simply put, you are presenting the facts; immutable, solid, and without bias. If somebody takes offense to that, then it may be possible that your audience is hyper-sensitive, which makes their own behavior questionable. You can feel no guilt in taking them with a grain of salt.

Whew! 🙂

Haven’t blown steam like that in a while. If you take one thing away from this post, let it be this: Be Nice. When in doubt, regardless of the topic or the details about it, be nice.

Remember that John Watson quote: “Be kind to others, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”



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