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Let’s Talk Hardware: An Appeal to Your Purse Strings

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Good evening.

I am writing this to ask that you please make a donation to OpenCores.

Why donate? I’ll explain:

First, imagine being a painter.

Now, imagine being a painter and being able to sketch your idea for a painting.

Now, further imagine being able to sketch your idea for a painting, but never being able to paint it upon a canvas because all of the paints cost a colossal amount of money to manufacture by yourself (even though the materials needed to make them are some of the most commonly-found in the universe), and only a handful of organizations possess the proper resources to do so. Sucks, right?

This is the dilemma that currently faces the computer hardware industry, and the peril of any engineer who is eager to design their own computer circuits.

Donating to OpenCores will enable the current and future generation(s) to be able to have a voice and an avenue of expression within the realm of computer hardware. By donating, you are helping to build an open-source infrastructure designed to let people in, instead of keeping them out. Your contribution will lead to inexpensive components for those who like to build their own computers, and give others the freedom to try their hand at computer hardware design.

Please donate whatever you can to help get this ball rolling. The organization has been patiently waiting for several years to get this initiative off the ground. Be part of something bigger than yourself: Donate today!

Thank you.

~EDIT: 6-9-14~

It seems I was mistaken. The company that runs OpenCores, ORSoC, apparently took the money and ran with it; never giving the community any acknowledgement of where the funds went, or if anything came of their efforts.

If anybody wants to start a genuine Open-Source Hardware movement, let me know.

I’m still investigating other groups committed to Open Hardware and will keep you updated if I find somebody worth checking out.



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